The Social Gallery: A Modern-Day Photo Album

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“Anyone remember the good old days before Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, when you had to take a photo of your dinner, then get the film developed, then go round all your friends houses to show them a picture of your dinner? No? Me neither.”

We’re going to go ahead and assume you care more about your own pictures than you do about everyone else’s. If that sounds about right, keep reading. Peekshare wants to revolutionize your photo gallery by turning it into a social gallery, a modern-day photo album. This social gallery sits as Peekshare’s home screen, and while it may look like Instagram at first glance, there’s a key difference‒only you can see this gallery of pictures shared.

If you had an old-school photo album, you probably shared it at some point, but nobody else kept it, let alone copied and re-shared. That’d be weird. Peekshare is designed to capture moments, give friends a peek, and receive feedback in the form of private likes and messages. Most importantly, you keep it all for yourself. You won’t have to worry about a bad picture you posted four weeks ago or about someone turning your comments section into a script everyone can read. Peekshare wants to make you comfortable sharing and encourage you to share more.

These social apps we use daily satisfy our need to share, our sense of belonging, ultimately making us feel connected to others. And let’s be honest, they also satisfy our ego. While giving others likes and comments can make us feel good, it’s even more satisfying when we get that rush of likes and comments on our own pictures. You might check-in to see how well that pic you posted is doing, but probably aren’t concerned with someone else’s likes. After sharing a peek of our life with others and getting that positive feedback, there’s really no need to make those pictures available to the world forever. Unless you don’t mind that guy from Intro Bio creeping on your picture from 2010. …It happens.

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The Social Gallery: A Modern-Day Photo Album

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