Trending in Local? Let’s #PEEKSF.

It’s totally going to happen. You may have seen us out and about or noticed pictures from events around town. So what’s up with #PEEKSF? #PEEKSF is a campaign to encourage users to use Peekshare in a local context. We’re attending a string of summer events to promote the app and introduce local trending tags! Okay, we admit it’s also an excuse to mingle with SF and have a great time.

All peeks taken at these events are tagged with #PEEKSF and can be found within the app! Download Peekshare from the App Store or make sure you have the latest update. Check out the Local feed and go to Trending Tags (#) to follow along! You can find peeks from SF Pride, North Beach Festival, Haight & Ashbury Street, along with peeks of local hangouts.

If you’re local to the area help us make it happen by contributing your own pics to #PEEKSF! Not anywhere near SF? We’d LOVE to see your pics from #PEEKLA, #PEEKSD, #PEEKNYC and so on! Or be a trendsetter and start your own unique tag. The possibilities are endless. Stay tuned for peeks from upcoming events, like Poochella at Dolores Park!
IMG_2918 IMG_2919 IMG_2920 IMG_2921   IMG_3642 IMG_2922 IMG_2923 IMG_2924

Trending in Local? Let’s #PEEKSF.

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